Shopping at Handy Foods is like shopping with family!


Handy Foods is the place to shop in Ottawa if you are looking for the highest level of quality, fresh products and service at affordable prices. We have a history at Ottawa no one else can compare to and we are proud of it. The McGrogan family has been employing nearly 100 local associates for over 40 years, but that’s not all! We also give back to the community through charitable donations to the churches, schools, and community events. When you shop at Handy Foods you will be treated like family, and we will show you on every visit why you should come back! While we are proud of many things at the Handy Foods. Our passion is to give you a special feeling when you shop at our store, you will be greeted when you enter and we will carry your groceries out when you are ready to leave. Hurry into Handy Foods and let us spoil you today!




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